Wandr is a futuristic UI concept based around an interactive tattoo. It allows the wearer to have instantly available navigation wherever they go, whether they're a city traveler or an explorer.

Something for everyone

Wandr has two distinct modes: Wanderer and Commuter, each with a uniquely designed interface to cater to two very different modes of navigation.

Wanderer mode

In the wilderness or in natural locations such as trails, Wandr will automatically enter into Wanderer mode. A wanderer can see their surroundings updated in real-time on their skin in the form of a topographical or a trail map. Property owners will have the ability to add features such as trail lines, expandable annotations, and markers which will be accessible by users who are exploring the land. Advanced pathfinder features such as coordinates and climate information will also be visible. The map can be zoomed and scrolled via touch input.

Commuter mode

In urban or suburban areas, Wandr will automatically enter Commuter mode. Commuter mode functions in a similar way to traditional GPS navigation apps, allowing a street view with information such as current location and address, expandable information on nearby shops and restaurants, and the ability to navigate by walking, driving, or transit. Wandr will connect with consumer apps such as Yelp, and also be able to synchronize with services like Google Maps, allowing active navigation to transfer between Wandr and the user's mobile phone.

Mood inspiration

The moodboard is inspired by two different, but connected aesthetics. The first is Wanderlust, the concept of natural exploration and landscapes. The second centers around city life, finding hidden gems and exploring culture. Their common ground is the desire to learn, and see new places.


Style inspiration

The visual design is inspired by user interfaces, tattoos, and illustrations, all representing the versatility of monochromatic design. I wanted the app to work both as a UI and as body art, so a single-color style based on lines and solids is how I met in the middle. Wandr needed to give the essence of a fully featured and developed app, while not feeling out-of-place as a tattoo.


Sketches exploring how an interaction on someone's forearm could look and feel

Visual design

My visual design followed the limitations I had already set for myself while finding style inspiration - There is only one color of pixel/ink. This presented a challenge during the design process as I had to make the app feel like a fully fleshed-out product, and not an incomplete wireframe. In the end, my solution for this was to embrace the monochromatic style to create a unique and minimalistic aesthetic, using negative space, solid shapes, and lines to create the illusion of different brightnesses.

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