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what's my deal?

I'm John Pascarella, and I'm an interaction designer in Portland, Oregon. To me, design is a tool with a scary amount of power. Design has the ability to liberate through accessible practices, visual storytelling, and empowering technology. It's also used as a weapon to manipulate people, deliver propaganda, and hide systemic injustices behind palatable brands.

Our responsibility as designers is a heavy one, but that challenge inspires me. I strive everyday to be a better advocate for accessibility, and more knowledgeable about design antipatterns that serve oppression and exploitation.

On a more technical side, I'm a designer with a deep love for the creative process. I'm a tidy worker who can't resist a good component library, and I'm obsessed with interactive prototypes! I love making things move, and I'll always advocate for the importance of designs you can touch — in everything from casual explorations to user testing and client reviews.

Let's get to know each other!

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Pronouns: they/them or he/him