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Design Intern — Summer 2018

I worked on multiple Instrument teams as a junior UI and Motion designer, tasked with important and unique work and seeing the most dramatic growth yet in my skills and style.

Beam Interactive

Design Intern — Summer 2017

I collaborated with designers, developers, and strategists to solve complex UX and UI problems for clients, while gaining valuable first-hand workplace experience.

RIT College Activities Board

Staff Artist — May 2016-Present

Primarily, I help to design publicity and marketing solutions for RIT events. I also assist in running events and on-campus performances, and help new staff become team members.

RIT New Student Orientation

Orientation Leader — Fall 2016

I led a small group of new freshmen through their first week of college - answering questions, leading group exercises and activities, and guiding them through their transitions.

RIT Art House Executive Board

Fundraising Director — 2016-2017

As an elected board member, I worked to develop new ways to raise money, and helped build and maintain a special interest floor focused on community and productivity.

Self Employment

Freelance Designer — 2016-present

Being a freelance designer has involved me in many projects, the most notable of which include designing multi-language packaging for a company bringing clean water to India, designing and developing a landing page for a social media app, and creating the visual aesthetic for the online clothing store Androgynous Fox.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Currently pursuing a BFA in New Media Design, to graduate in May 2019.

about me

My name is John Pascarella. I am a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus on UX, UI, and motion design. I love finding creative solutions to complicated problems, and I thrive in a collaborative environment. I'm good at:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

Interactive Prototyping
Visual Design
Motion Design
Responsive Web Design
User Research
Group Collaboration
Learning :)

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