Everyone needs to take a break and get comfortable. Most of us have been taught that relaxation is shameful but in reality, it's crucial for our mental health. Hygge encourages users to embrace the art of cozying oneself.


NMD Elements III
Spring 2018




John Pascarella

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish concept of coziness, relaxation and contentment.

My app concept encourages busy Americans to embrace the Scandinavian art of comfort with the help of personalized lifestyle advice.

Key features

Lifestyle guide

The app will provide the user with information about how to bring Hygge into their lifestyle, showing articles suggested based on the user's preference. The articles will be interactive and offer guided help.

Augmented reality scan

Hygge will be able to scan the user's room for characteristics that can create a stressfull or calming, uncomfortable or cozy environment. The AR feature will allow for live-simulated room customization.


After using the AR scan, the user will be able to read and interact with a comprehensive report on their environment. This report will will offer feedback on making their space a more calming environment.

Some early layout planning

Aesthetic development

The visual style brings feelings of comfort, warmth, coziness, and peace. Imagery focuses on blankets, candles, and other physical implements of hygge. It is relaxed and carefree. By including these visual cues in the app experience, the comfortable mindset can be reinforced for the user.

Individual self-care

Users begin the app experience by adding basic preferences to recieve customized information, which will become more curated over time. They can browse various lifestyle guides, incorporating Danish methods of self-care into their own life.

Visualized improvements

Hygge uses modern augmented reality technology to allow users to simulate improvements to their home. For example, users can visualize their lighting and experiment with adjustments in real time. The configuration of a space has a large impact on mental health, and Hygge gives users a chance to experience it before making any big changes.


Hygge's goal is to bring a little bit of Danish coziness, relaxation, and contentment to people anywhere in the world. Through suggestions and step-by-step assistance, Hygge guides the user into a lifestyle where comfort and happiness are given the attention they deserve.

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